Our Executor's Aide Program includes:

1) Estate Fraud Protection – daily electronic notification to key organizations (including Equifax and TransUnion) that a person has died. Intended to prevent Deceased Identity Fraud/Theft.

2) Aftercare Documents – to assist our families in starting the Estate Administration process. Includes cancellation/application for:

CPP Death and Survivor's benefits

HRDC Income Security Programs (cancel OAS and CPP payments)

Canada Revenue Agency re-calculation of benefit entitlement form

Personalized letters for credit card, insurance, and pension companies

3) Client Website – access to the Executor's Aide website which provides practical information and a comprehensive set of tools (including forms, checklists, letters, & worksheets) to assist with the administrative tasks that must be done when administering an Estate. With the Estate information you provide, our forms and letters will print with relevant personal details – saving you time and ensuring that all written correspondence is consistent. Our information sheets and checklists will make sure that you don’t miss out on refunds or benefit entitlements – which will benefit the Estate and reduce personal liability.

Benefits of our Executor's Aide Program include:

Saves time
Saves money
Ensures no one can open credit accounts, or apply for loans, in the deceased person's name
Ensures all benefits and tax credits are applied for
Reduces potential legal and financial liability
Environmentally friendly as you only print what you need to print
Lawyer reviewed and approved

Executor's Aide is only available to our clients - if you are interested in accessing this website, either as a former client of ours, or someone that is local to us, please contact us.

If you are a client and have your user ID and password that was provided to you by Parkview Funeral Chapel, then click this link to be directed to Progressive Estate Solutions (Executor's Aide) login page  www.executorsaide.com